Consultation and Concept Design

“The success of your measures hinges on a good concept.”


If you want to develop your employees, you can fall back on our decades of experience in consulting, training and coaching. Don’t take just any action – take advantage of our consulting approach. After all, you don’t just want to get somewhere – you want to achieve your goals! Seminars or trainings that miss your goals cost you unnecessary money and time.

Before we suggest any training or coaching measures, we will work with you to analyze exactly what will take you to the next level. During this need analysis, we go into your situation in great detail – after all, every measure you take should be a success. This is the benefit of our holistic consulting concept on which you can rely. In order to guarantee this benefit, we offer you customized services that take your company culture, your company values and your business environment into account.

If you are not quite sure which measures are right for you, we consider it one of our main tasks to work this out together with you. For this we offer a workshop during which we can jointly define the goal(s) and the right measure(s).


What exactly does a holistic consulting concept mean?



In the first step, which is still completely non-binding for you, we clarify your needs with you. In order to do so, we will ask many questions in order to find out exactly what you need.

Once we have clarified these and other questions, we will also talk to “those affected”, i.e. to various potential participants. We will not conduct an interview with everyone. It is all about getting a feeling for their concerns and views. Additional interviews can also be conducted with leaders, team leaders or management.

Should it turn out in these discussions that the originally envisaged measure will not lead to the desired outcomes, we will automatically make you a fitting alternate proposal, which will stay within your allocated time resources. Once this first step has been completed, we will draw up a rough concept/program, in which all information, wishes and circumstances are incorporated.



In the second step we present our proposal to you. We recommend that you also involve “those affected” in this presentation. We elaborate individual points in detail and will explain to you which goals we are pursuing with which measures.



In the third step we undertake the detailed planning together with you. In this phase, wishes that were brought up in step two can be incorporated into the concept. We will outline the project and work out time schedules so that you have an outline of your desired measures. If required, we can also design a pilot project.



In the fourth step, we implement agreed upon measures: The trainings, seminars and/or coaching sessions are carried out. It is particularly important to us to keep you fully informed along the way. You will receive regular feedback on how the project is being implemented and on the atmosphere/mood. Of course, if required, we will fine-tune and adjust the training and seminars. If there should be a change in the market or other situations arise, which were not foreseeable during the planning, we are able to adapt the concept / program without additional costs.  We regard this as a natural part of the excellent service we want to offer you at all times.

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