“Your body is the most important means of expression you have! Use it!”

How do you affect other people even before you have said a single word? With your body! How do you affect yourself? Through your posture!

New psychological research results show that body and posture have significant effects on our behavior, attitudes, emotions as well as our thinking and solution strategies. The latest findings of cognitive scientists and neurobiologists also confirm that our mind, as both conscious and unconscious thinking and feeling, is related to the whole body. Even intelligence is only possible through our physicality. Intelligent thinking does not take place in the brain independently of the body. And body and mind work together in and with the environment.

The term ‘embodiment’ wants to grasp exactly these interrelations.

Normally we work on problems or stress only on the mental level. Strategies to behave differently developed in seminars, coaching sessions or in conversations with friends are usually ineffective in the stress situation. The old behavior is simply stronger. Things play out again “as usual” – with the usual results.

These strategies are for this reason not wrong. But because negative feelings are always involved in stress situations, it takes more than a purely cognitive process to change one’s behavior.

It is much easier to change one’s posture by changing ‘muscle tensions’. Posture is an efficient means of influencing emotions and thus of changing one’s behavior and thinking and of developing new solution strategies.

In this respect, it makes sense to not only develop a mental/cognitive strategy for stress situations, but to also develop a body strategy, i.e. a targeted ‘embodiment’ for a situation.

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