Milton Erickson’s Resource-oriented Approaches

“Use your own resources to identify new solutions.”

The US-American Milton Erickson (1901 – 1980) was one of the most famous psychotherapists of his time. He was visited by people from all over the world because he had developed a groundbreaking method of connecting people with their own resources. We work with two tools based on Erickson’s work: resource transport and pseudo-orientation in time. 

Transporting resources is a form of mental training aimed at transferring resources that are available to the client in one situation or context to another situation or context with which the client is having a problem; in other words, there where these resources are at the moment not available to the client. For example, if a client has difficulty presenting to the board or to another very important body but is able to be a rousing colleague or friend, they can learn to transfer resources from the easy and apply them in the difficult context.

Pseudo-orientation in time is another type of mental training that is especially suitable for successfully mastering all situations that are exam-like in some way, i.e. actual examinations, assessment centers, important presentations, a difficult conversation or more or less large public appearances, etc. It involves imagining the successful completion of the “exam”, and its corresponding success strategy and anchoring it so deeply in the subconscious that the client will later have it available in the real situation without having to consciously think about it. This approach has proved to be extremely effective, so that we can justifiably say that anyone who has prepared for an exam situation with our help (having mastered its contents, of course) has passed it.

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