Additional Methods

In addition to the methods described in detail, we also use such methods as our Check your Mind method in our coaching and training sessions. Check your Mind is a method to dissolve inner blockages based on the positive psychology of Martin Seligman. Ulrich and Renate Dehner’s completely revised edition of their book on this method – entitled “Steh Dir nicht im Weg” (Don’t get in your own way) was published in 2019.

In coachings and self-management trainings we convey ideas from David Allen (Getting Things Done) and the Personal Kanban Method. We also use Covey methods for setting priorities.

We also frequently teach conflict management methods in order to de-escalate and avoid conflicts.

MBSR stands for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and is a mindfulness program for us ” westerners ” developed by the physician Jon Kabat Zinn. With the help of mindfulness meditation stress can be demonstrably reduced, leading to more calmness in everyday life.

Alice Dehner is a trained Schirrmacher Group business game trainer and offers the Management and Leadership 4.0 business game as part of her leadership training, which she supplements with SCRUM as a certified SCRUM Master.

Jasper Dehner works with Reiss profiles in his coachings, which are ideal for orientation coachings in order to identify coachee motivators.

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