Systemic approaches

“Good solutions are only good if they fit into the system in which they’re supposed to make a difference.”

In business coaching it is always sensible and important to consider not only the individual person, the client, but also the system in which he or she operates. A possible solution, which coach and client develop together, may or may not be successful depending on the system in which the client works. If the client moves in a system where assertiveness and inspiring behavior are required, they can be shipwrecked with the same behavior in a system where the ability to work in a team is paramount. It can also happen that the difficulties the client wants to deal with do not depend on their personal behavior, but are instead systemic in nature, i.e. everyone in a similar system would struggle with the same difficulties sooner or later.

It is therefore important for the coach to understand how to classify systematic interrelationships so that they can always be taken into account. Moreover, the coach must be aware of and communicate the systemic effects that the coaching will have on the client’s work system.

Important tools in this work are visual team constellations using figures and systematic questions. These questions illuminate for the client the effects of their behavior in relation to the context in which they are behaving.

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